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Facebook Settlers Tourney!

December 18, 2009

The Facebook Settlers of Catan Tourney II wrapped up last night!

Facebook Settlers of Catan Tourney II FINALS

Sarah Smith of Facebook has been organizing Catan tournaments over there this year. Last night was the final for the second tournament this year!

Three competitors from three different departments competed in Facebook’s CafeX. In the end, Kari Lee of search was victorious.

Sarah and the Facebook tourney’s were also recently featured in the front page Wall Street Journal article that just came out!

Here’s the tournament details: 27 original competitors, 3 departments remaining, 1 Wall Street Journal article with 10 points between them, and the championship. Who will win? Kari Lee did!

35,000 and Counting…

December 4, 2009

The Settlers of Catan fan page exceeded 35,000 fans this week! A big thank you goes out to all our Facebook fans and our fans all over the world. We appreciate all the wonderful things people have written in response to our posts! And, we thoroughly enjoy having the ability to foster a stronger community supporting our games via Facebook It is our mission to continue to bring you the best possible gaming experience and we are very excited for the new releases coming in 2010! Please find us on Facebook at the links below, if you haven’t already:

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