First-round Pre-registration for PREZCON ends in 5 days!

PrezCon “The Winter Nationals” Feb 24th-28th 2010. Pre-Con’s Start Feb 22nd. The Doubletree of Charlottesville Virginia. Hotel number 434-973-2121

Remember that PrezCon is pleased to host the Settlers of Catan Mid-Atlantic WWCC Pre-Qualifier Tournament!

Charles Minter will be the Game Master for this great event. Charles has attended all of the past PrezCons and is an expert in the Game Settlers of Catan! He promises to run a fun competitive event that runs smooth with as few distractions as possible. The schedule is a Heat system will all winners moving on to a Sunday Morning Semi-final!

The Winner of this Grand Event will travel to Origins 2010. The North American Settlers of Catan Championship will take place there. The winner of that event gets an all expense paid trip to play in the World Settlers of Catan Championship! Don�t miss out on your chance to take your Settlers of Catan game to the next level!

Also, we have 5 days until the 1st round of pre-registration is over! That means the free gift shirt offer for pre-reging goes away. You must have your registration paid by Jan 31st to get your free gift! You also save $10 off the door price if you pre-reg by Jan 31st! Go to the website to get started:

The hotel has all but been sold-out but we might have 1 or 2 rooms left. Go to the website to check availability:

We have just added a Junior Lounge Room on the first floor of the hotel. Yes, you can feel good that your children are somewhere safe. This new room will have a Ping-Pong table, TV, Couch’s and more for the younger folks. The age limit will be 16 for this room. Jeff Bakalchuck is our Teen Coordinator and will be checking on this room all week. Just one more way to make your vacation the best it can be!

Game Auction registration is now open. If you plan to sell games in this year’s auction you need to go to the website and upload your info. After you have uploaded your games info you just need to hit print to have all of your slips printed for you. We started the numbering system at 952 so we will accept lots up until we hit the number 1552. So let’s see the games you plan to sell at this year’s auction. Go to this link to view all current lots:

24 hour open gaming with a new Games library open to all who attend the con!

Visit the WWCC Pre-Qualifier at PrezCon homepage here:

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