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Rise of Empires & Witch of Salem are Here!

October 29, 2009

Martin Wallace’s Rise of Empires™ and Wolfgang Hohlbein’s Witch of Salem™ are available now at your local retailer or on our website! Read below for more about both products and visit the product pages to find out even more about each game.

Rise of Empires

Don’t just make history-guide it! Take the reins of a developing civilization, choosing the resources and development paths that will lead to the fastest expansion, as you claim and defend territory on a map forging an empire that eventually encompasses whole continents. Rise of Empires™ breathes new life into the civilization games genre! Balance gold and food, war and agriculture, territory and technology to forge an empire that is destined to rise above all other nations! For 2-5 Players ages 12 and older, Made in Germany.

To learn more about this new game by Martin Wallace visit the product page:

MFG6029 Rise of Empires

Witch of Salem

Step back to early 20th Century New England. Here, the horrible “Great Old Ones” mysterious inhabitants of a dark, unfathomable void-seek entry into our world. One of their imprisoned overlords gathers them, just as his worldly servants open portals throughout Arkham for the coming onslaught. Only Salem’s master witch, Robert Craven, holds the key to safeguarding mankind. He plans to gather a team of intrepid scholars to find the hidden portals and close them with powerful magic seals.

The noble witch’s elite team must battle the threat of madness, duel the dark servants, tackle mystical challenges, and face their ultimate nemesis: an unidentified Great Old One with an unknown and incalculable strength. For 2-4 players, Ages 10+. More information about Witch of Salem can be found on its product page:

MFG3309 Witch of Salem

Catan for iPhone!

October 27, 2009

The brand new implementation of The Settlers of Catan for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch is now available in the App Store! “Catan: The First Island” is a great way to play Catan anywhere and anytime when you don’t have have any opponents to play with. To purchase the App and learn more about Catan: The First Island visit the link below:

Catan for iPhone

999 Games sets world record with Catan Junior!

October 6, 2009


An amazing amount of 423 people took part in a big event, organised by 999 Games. At Speeldag NL in Hoorn, the Netherlands, they all played Catan Junior for 9 minutes and 99 seconds at the same time.

20-9-09nr_105_small Recordpoging_meisje_small

This impressive achievement is recorded as a world record! The winners of the lottery afterwards all received a game and the special compliments of the author of the game Klaus Teuber.

Catan Dice Game Score Sheets

October 6, 2009

We’ve created downloadable Catan Dice Game score pads for those gamers who just can’t put their Catan Dice Game or brand new Deluxe Edition down. If you run out of score pads or just want to stock up, simply visit the product page for the Catan Dice game Deluxe or the Game Support section on our website to download and print as many as you want! Each PDF is arranged so that you can print four score sheets out per sheet on standard letter-size printer paper. Links to the Catan Dice Game deluxe product page and the PDFs themselves are provided below. Enjoy!

MFG3109 Catan Dice Game Deluxe Edition

Red Score Sheets

Green Score Sheets

Gray Score Sheets

Red/Green Score Sheets

Atlantis & World Without End

October 6, 2009

Announcing two new games for November! Atlantis™ and World Without End™ will be arriving in stores this November. Both of these new games are rich in game story and game play.

Visit “the” lost city in Atlantis! Before is was consumed by the sea! You control a faction in beautiful Atlantis, the glorious civilization built upon the sea. No other city rivals its power. None command such riches. Now, the link between the land and your beloved home of Atlantis is crumbling! You must race to move your people along the great bridge to the mainland before it disappears into the thundering waters below. Atlantis is a very casual, social game for 2-4 players ages 10 and older. You can play a complete game in about 30 minutes.

ASI5753 Atlantis

World Without End™ is based on Ken Follett’s best-selling novel. Journey to Knightsbridge, England, where 200 years ago Prior Phillip oversaw the building of the cathedral renowned as “The Pillars of the Earth.” Now farmers, wool dealers, and builders seek wealth and prestige amidst a rivalry between the priory and merchants. As the plague reaches town, nothing remains as it once was. Strive to navigate turbulent events, ensuring and balancing your food supply, income, and prestige. Piety and loyalty remain vital, for you must cater to the upper classes. And precious medical knowledge is your greatest weapon against the Black Death. So, gather your power and spirit and rise above your rivals into legend!

MFG4118 World Without End